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February 11, 2024

Will capitalism last forever, and what comes next? What is socialism? Is it even possible? Why do socialists seem to talk so much about the working class? What can we do to begin affecting change right now?

You’re invited to tackle these questions and many others with us at the winter 2024 edition Introduction to Socialism: Class, the State, and Parties the flagship course from the Leo Panitch School for Socialist Education. Over seven sessions we’ll be looking at the history of socialist organizing, the role of the working class, where the state fits in the strugle for socialism, what role working class political parties play, and many other ideas key to the socialist tradition.

The course will not only provide a unique venue for collectively learning about these topics, but also a welcoming space where any question relevant to socialist activism, no matter how basic or advanced, can be raised and discussed. While the course is aimed at those who may have only begun coming across socialist ideas fairly recently, those with varying experiences in left activism are welcome to participate.

Participants are encouraged to attend all seven classes if possible, as each week will expand on ideas introduced in the previous sessions. Classes will be taking place at 31 Wellesley St E in downtown Toronto. This edition of the course will be in-person only.

Section 1: Why Socialism? – 2pm-4:30pm. February 11, February 18, February 25
Facilitated by Tori Fleming, Herman Rosenfeld, and Matt Davis
Section 2: Why the State? – 2pm-4:30pm. March 2, March 3, March 10
Facilitated by Steve Maher
Section 3: Why Parties? – 2pm-4:30pm. March 17
Facilitated by Greg Albo

Not able to attend every session in person? No problem! A recording will be made available to those who might have to miss a session or two throughout the course.
For those living out of town or overseas, please contact us via email if you would be interested in joining an online edition of the course in the near future.

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February 24, 2024

Join us for our 2024 winter lecture! Featuring our very special guest speaker, Adolph Reed Jr.

“We as a left must build a politics of broad, working-class solidarity to defeat fascism either now or farther down the road than we can currently envision.”

Amidst unfolding environmental disaster, ongoing genocide, and a lack of faith in public institutions, fascist and anti-democratic movements continue to gain political ground, both at home and abroad. How can working class movements respond to these fundamental threats? How can we build a real alternative that can challenge the dominant politics of division and distrust?

To speak to this pressing topic, The Leo Panitch School for Socialist Education is thrilled to host Adolph Reed Jr. for his re-scheduled special guest lecture, THE FASCIST THREAT: What it Means for Working Class Politics. 

Doors open for the event on Friday February 9 at 6:30PM with the talk beginning at 7:00PM, at East End United Church – Eastminster in Toronto. The lecture and audience Q&A will be followed by a social and refreshments. A cash bar will be serving beverages following the talk, all proceeds supporting the LPSSE’s programming in 2024.

Please note that this will be an in-person event. Stay tuned for online LPSSE offerings in the future. 

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April 27, 2024

Book Launch

Join us for the Toronto launch of Steve Maher and Scott Aquanno’s groundbreaking new book: The Fall and Rise of American Finance.

Please stay tuned for further details in the coming weeks.